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Las Cafeteras offers workshops and performance lectures to universities, k-12 schools, community organizations, nonprofits, cities, and grassroots projects. We provide workshops in person and online (depending on pandemic regulations). Below are some topics that have been provided. For more information or to schedule a workshop, CLICK HERE

The Sounds of Resistance: From Storytelling to Movement Building.
This interactive session allows participants to engage in the Power of the Storytelling. Without our voices, His-story, Her-story, Your-Story and Our-story become defined through power, privilege and silence.Students will be given tools and poetry prompts to begin to extract their own personal narrative. The session will end with each participant writing and sharing their poetry to a live musical performance by Las Cafeteras.

A Peoples History of Music in the United States.
From the South African struggle against Apartheid to the Nuevo Canto (New Music) movement in Chile, music has been used as a tool for liberation,as well as a means to dismantle oppression. This workshop takes participants through an interactive timeline of the Untold History of the musical movement in the United States. This interactive workshop will provide U.S history through a new lens and share video and audio of past and present artist who risked their careers, as well as their lives, in order to sing a new song. From Hip-Hop to Son Jarocho, from Jazz to Rock, Cafeteras engage participants in a performance lecture through a visual and audio people of color timeline to gain an understanding of music’s role in social movements in the U.S.

Racism: “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!”
With more students of color attending Universities every year, schools need a fresh and updated lens to talk about race and diversity on campus. This participatory workshop breaks down stereotypes, uses ‘conscious comedy’, and engages students and staff in new conversations about Race,Identity and Privilege. Using videos, break out discussions, and facilitating honest conversations, students will be given social tools to deconstruct interpersonal, as well as institutional patterns of oppression, so as to heal and proactively address concerns as young agents of change.

Viva La Musica! Viva La Cultura! (Youth/Family presentation)
Las Cafeteras engages youth in exciting celebration of Mexican-American culture through lively songs, powerful story-sharing, and inspiring messages! With LOVE as their first language and accompanied by traditional instruments , Las Cafeteras invite folks of ALL AGES to share the stories of their own cultures and communities with dancing and sing-alongs in English, Spanish (and Spanglish)! We will learn about traditional Son Jarocho instruments like the jarana, requinto, quijada (donkey jawbone) and tarima (a wooden platform),and groove to a remix of sounds from rock to hip-hop to rancheras.

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