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If I Was President Remix

If I Was President Remix cover

Written by Hector Flores, Sa-Roc, QVLN, Boog Brown, Mega Ran, Las Cafeteras
Produced by: Sendai Mike

Released: January 8, 2021

Label: Self-released
Format: Digital
Country: USA
Genre: Hip Hop, Latin, Funk / Soul, Folk, World



Si Fuera Presidente … oh oh
If I Was the President

Verse 1 – Boog Brown
Let me be the Chief Executive and Settle the score
Stop working people till they raggedy
Then asking for more
Open doors .. Cut the pipeline to prison that be stealing our men
Educate the whole nation about the skin that I’m in
Black womyn stay safe and watch me do it again

(Play the cash)
Put the cash where it evidently necessary
More than fried food and booze
Open up some libraries
Stand with my fellow man

Verse 2 – Mega Ran
If i was Commander in Chief id preach peace
A college education would be free
I’d close the wage gap and pay back Indigenous peeps
And cops would have to live in the streets they policed
Teacher salaries would be like NBA players
Social workers and physicians getting great favor
Raise minimum wage
No more slave labor
And Federal officials cant be day traders

Verse 3 – Boog Brown
If they ain’t good then what are we
Not just who we claim to be
Then we hiding under sheets
Honesty and integrity that’s what a leader breeds
Pull up the roots of mistruth
Put down some new seeds

Free Mumia and my people
Shut down and fightin’ for freedom
Dismantle the message that make you think its’ cool to
Tell a womyn about her body and what she can
And can’t do
Break the glass ceiling and shine through

Verse 4 – Mega Ran
A fair and balanced legislation
I’m instituting automatic voter registration
Next i’m on the move reversing mass incarceration
Putting more funds into rehabilitation

Expunging low level drug offenses
Opening the cages and tearing down the fences
Ensuring that no person ever be illegal
And then i’ll step down and give the power to the people

No More War
No More Fear
The Time is Now
The Change is Near
Me Gusta La Lima
Me Gusta Limon
Pero No Me Gusta Tanta Corrupción

Verse 5 – Hector
My first lady would be my mom
Cause she smack me in the head if i was droppin bombs
Free my Poor Black and Brown kids in them cages
Then go to Congress and Raise all them wages

Finally buy a car
All cash … no lease
Then I’ll tell the Mayors …

Universal Healthcare
No Hesitation
Then I’d Tax the 1%
New Age Plantation

If this was truly the land of the free and the brave. Instead of stolen ground built by the hand of enslaved. And if the justice system worked on behalf of the people, then maybe my leadership could create the future we crave. I’mma let the money talk, yeah them reparations due. Let’s rebuild the wealth and see what the next generations do. Funnel the resources to spaces the government orphaned and criminalized their offspring ‘fore the hair on the baby faces grew. I’m tryna give em access to education in excess. Redistribute the equity so the working people taxed less. Qualified immunity abolished- all them dirty politicians, lawyers, cops gon get handled. Let’s address this. Liberate the freedom fighters, end the private prison game, grant the Native nations sacred space on sovereign terrain. Give the people healthy food, clean water- hold the ICE. And see what’s possible when you let the populous ponder on what hope is like.

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