LA Weekly:Premiere: Las Cafeteras’ Dreamy New Video, “Luna Lovers”


By Ben Westhoff

Las Cafeteras don’t bow to tradition, and it’s hard not to love them for it. In 2011 we wrote about how the seven-member east side group was taking flack for playing Veracruz-style Son Jarocho music in ways that some conservative musicians found upsetting; the story got a lot of people in music and academia talking.

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Now, the collective is back with a video for a new song called “Luna Lovers,” which is something of a cross between a Dali short, a Michel Gondry film, and a childhood dream. Whatever the case, it’s a pleasure, and West Coast Sound is thrilled to be presenting it for the first time on the internets. Behold!

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Watch Official LUNA LOVERS Video