Las Cafeteras at a glance:
Las Cafeteras fuse traditional & modern beats with timely stories from East LA’s streets. Known for their energetic bi-lingual performances, they combine Afro-Mexican (son jarocho), hip hop, folk, native american sounds & more styles with a community- focused message. Las Cafeters have opened for GRAMMY Award winners Lila Downs and Ozomatli, Los Aterciopelados, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes, Cafe Tacuba side project ‘Hoppo’, & more. Their 1st studio album “It’s Time” is featured on NPR, KCRW & the LA Times. Las Cafeteras’ name comes from the Eastside Cafe, a community center Las Cafeteras members help run & where they also first learned to play Son Jarocho music.

To make a long story, LONGER:
Las Cafeteras sprouted in 2005 as students who enjoyed free Son Jarocho classes at the Eastside Cafe in El Sereno, Los Angeles and were inspired to utilize teachings of Son Jarocho as a tool to build autonomy, community and solidarity while sharing the magic of this folk music from Southern Veracruz with the public. They’ve since performed at community centers, churches, schools, museums, parties, protests, youth conferences, theaters, festivals, weddings, & art exhibits.
Sharing Son Jarocho inspired music through singing, spoken word (in English/Spanish/ and Spanglish), dancing (‘zapateado’, Las Cafeteras seek to gather the teachings of Son Jarocho and infuse the music with their own stories. Their mission is to learn, share, and practice the beauty, culture and energy of Son Jarocho music for the purpose of building autonomous communities. By telling our stories of life in the concrete jungle, Las Cafeteras strives to make this ancient music relevant to everyday people in everyday places.

Las Cafeteras continue to support the Son Jarocho lessons at the Eastside Café in El Sereno, Los Angeles. The Eastside Café is committed to the belief that all people and all communities have the right to self governance and self-determination and that we possess within our own communities all the knowledge and power to make this a reality.

Annette Torres

Annette Torres was born in East Los Angeles in General Hospital.  Her parents are from Morelia, Michoacan.  She plays the marimbol and dances on stage, and behind the scenes she handles some of the business aspects of the group.  She is a proud creator of four beautiful spirits.  Her passions are reading, writing, music, hiking, [...]

Daniel French

Hailing from the San Gabriel Valley (east of East LA) Daniel Jesus French is the youngest of 3 siblings. He strums the jarana segunda, sings, MCs, & occasionally dances & fills in on the glockenspiel & cajon. In the summer of 2011 he drove across the continent documenting his family stories & is very proud [...]

David Flores

Born and raised in East LA and the San Gabriel Valley, David Flores is the second oldest of 6 brothers and sisters. He is currently receiving his Master’s Degree in Social and Cultural Analysis of Education from California State University, Long Beach. When not studying, playing futbol or music, David loves taking his chicano culture [...]

Denise Carlos

Denise Carlos grew up in the Huntington Park neighborhood of South East L.A. with her older sister and parents.  Her father is from Mexicali, Baja California and her mother from Amacueca, Jalisco and immigrated to the U.S. in the 1970’s to work and raise their family. One of Denise’s nicknames growing up was “Diantre”- meaning [...]

Hector Flores

Born in City Terrace, Hector Flores grew up in the Pan-Asian – Chicano neighborhoods of San Gabriel Valley and East LA.  The oldest of 6 kids, his mom is from Morelia, Michoacán and his pops is from San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora. Growing up Hector listened to Al Green, Ana Gabriel, Sonora Dinamita, Tupac, The [...]

Jose Cano

Jose Cano’s main role in Las Cafeteras is percussion and at times contributes with the flute, requinto, harmonica and shouts out an occasional “yo no creo en fronteras”.  Originally from Oxnard CA, he started playing music in the middle school concert band and has since been involved in a number of bands playing anything from cumbia [...]

Leah Rose Gallegos

Born and raised in Highland Park, LA, Leah Rose Gallegos grew up playing soccer and singing on the side. When she is not with Las Cafeteras, Futbolistas and/or family, you can find Leah sharing yoga, playing with kids, or on an adventure.  Leah always carries a bottle of rosemary essential oil for limpias on-the-go and [...]